What a Diet of 70% Saturated Fat Does to your Body

What a Diet of 70% Saturated Fat Does to your Body

When describing how one should eat I always start out with an evolutionary explanation. I inform my listener how for hundreds of thousands of years our nomadic ancestors followed herd animals and gathered roots and tubers to supplement their diet. Whenever a hunt was successful they would consume the entire edible portion of the animal because the next kill was never guaranteed. Taking all edible portions of the animals into consideration, including the brain, bone marrow, suet, ect., the caloric density of the animal is around 75% fat. Therefore our diets would have evolved in the majority of fat.

If this explanation does not persuade my listener, I then attack it from a physiological approach. I describe the gylcemic index of foods and how the pancreas secretes insulin in response to blood sugar. I explain how fat has the opposite effect of carbohydrates on your insulin response and allows your body to burn triglycerides for energy. I systematically break down how it is not physically possible to become fat from eating saturated fat.

After all my efforts I still frequently get the response “But doesn’t eating all that fat make you fat?” So here is my next attempt in convincing the skeptics. Anecdotal proof. I have been eating a diet of 70% saturated fat for the past three years and here is what is has done to my body. In addition to looking great I feel amazing. Come to our gym and witness it for yourself firsthand. Better yet, come to our gym and allow us to change your life forever.


34 Responses to What a Diet of 70% Saturated Fat Does to your Body

  1. David S says:

    This a good, informative and quick read, but I do have a few questions regarding other aspects of your diet. First, you mention that your diet is 70% saturated fats; what is the other 30% comprised of, as far as unsaturated fats, protein, carbohydrates, what sources i.e. meats (muscle and/or organ), fish, fruits, vegetables, grain-based foods, supplements? Any thoughts on meal timing? I feel these aspects are important because combinations of different macro-nutrients will have different effects on the body in terms of health as well as body composition.

    How do you address total caloric intake and the basic mantra of fat loss being to burn more calories than you eat? Research, including the fellow who went on the “twinkie diet,” has shown that you can lose weight following that basic principle and become a less voluminous version of your former self, but not necessarily more fit-looking.

    Lastly, is your style of eating appropriate for only those who participate in intense physical training, or is it also appropriate for weekend warriors and those who lead a more sedentary life style?

    • Chad Cochran says:

      Hey David, Thank you for your response. I purposely kept this post short to not lose the interest of those who only entertain anecdotal evidence.

      My diet consists of grass fed animals, wild caught fish, old world plant derivatives, and metabolically equivalent paleo food sources (grass fed butter/cream). In the same way cattle ingest the perfect amount of each mineral when presented a “salad bar” trough, I become independently satiated of each macronutrient. It makes evolutionary sense because with no understanding of biochemistry our nomadic ancestors would require an innate mechanism for determining the optimum macronutrient diet profile. I tend to eat protein until I am full of protein then carbohydrates until I am full of carbohydrates then fat until of I am full of fat.The percentage of saturated fat in my diet has only been calculated after the fact.

      I take no supplements. I eat once a day. I have fasted for 15 hours before I workout which improves my performance under the bodily indication that “If this hunt is not successful I will starve”. I do not practice or preach a caloric deficit. I consume around 10,000 calories a day and do not come close to burning that through physical activity. When consuming agreeable fuel sources the body runs its necessary functions (brain activity, cell repair, muscle contraction, ect.) then disposes of what it doesn’t need. No animal in the wild considers if they have eaten too much and neither should humans.

      My style of eating is appropriate for everyone in the same sense that a grass diet is appropriate for all cattle. I eat in the manner of which we have evolved over millions of years to eat. I have converted sedentary friends to the same eating habits who have all shown dramatic improvements in body composition, energy levels, and even muscle tone.

      Thanks again for the response. I am always delighted to talk about nutrition as it is my strongest passion. Come by our gym at anytime so we can continue our discussion!

      • Amber says:

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  2. Richie says:

    Hi Chad. Great post. I share in your passion for nutrition and always enjoy getting to learn from people like yourself. Anyway, I am finding the literature about the benefits of saturated fats to be me more and more convincing, so lately I’ve been toying with the idea of eating a fat-heavy diet similar to yours and was wondering if you have had a blood work up done by a physician. The reason I ask is because I am curious to know if blood lipids levels would remain in a healthy zone while eating such a diet. Being someone who can only train 4 times or so a week, I’d hate to build a strong, energetic body and mind at the expense of developing atherosclerosis. Any feedback you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks man. Be well.

  3. Chad Cochran says:

    Hey Richie, thank you for your response. I do not concern myself with what my blood lipid levels are, much like how my nomadic ancestors never concerned themselves with what their blood lipid levels were. Those who live in accordance with an evolutionary based diet (nomadic African tribes, historical Inuits, wild animals, etc.) also never concern themselves with what their blood lipid levels are and never suffer from atherosclerosis.

    The basis for my diet is not an isolated internal measurement but rather 2.5 million years of evolution. Utilizing this flawless rational I am not concerned with what my blood lipid level, body fat percentage, eye lash count, or any other measure is. If someone were to tell me what my blood lipid level was I’d tell them that’s exactly where it needs to be.

    I hope this helps Richie, let me know if you have any other questions!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Chad,
    It seems you are a fan of intermittent fasting. I have a few questions for you,
    1. How long after your workout do you wait to eat and is that your only meal of the day?
    2. Do you drink coffee in the morning during your fast with a fat source in it like grass fed butter and/or MCT oil or coconut oil (like “Bulletproof” coffee. Either way, what is your opinion of this?
    3. What do you think of intermittent fasting for women? There is some contradicting research out there with regards to success for women.
    Any input or thoughts you may have would be greatly appreciated!

    • Chad Cochran says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Typically I eat soon after I workout. I only eat one meal a day. I don’t drink drink coffee because I have no need or interest for it. I think putting grass fed butter in your coffee is awesome because most people require more saturated fat in their diet.

      I would like to see research that demonstrates women eating metabolically paleo with old world food derivatives are not successful with intermittent fasting. Food was not always guaranteed for our nomadic ancestors (even the females) so the human body requires mechanisms for sustaining and functioning during periods of intermittent fasting. Female genes without this propensity would have been weeded out of existence hundreds of thousands of years ago.

      Hope this helps!

  5. Rob W. says:

    Hello, thanks for the great info. I was wondering if you could do a simple breakdown of your typical day of foods and how you get 10,000 cal a day.


    • Chad Cochran says:

      Hey Rob, no problem. I tend to eat around 4 lbs of red meat, an additional 1/2 pound of animal fat (butter) and 1 1/2 pound of starch. Let me know if you have any more questions!

      • Alex says:

        Super great Chad !

        I always wanted to make the switch to that way of eating but never found someone with the kind of body that convinced me… until I found you that is !

        What kind of starch do you consume ?

        Any vegetables ?

        Thanks a lot !

        Be well !


        • Chad says:

          Starch is either in the form of plantains for sweet potatoes. I don’t eat too many vegetables. If I do, they are usually cruciferous. I flavor with garlic, onion, and salt

        • Lainey says:

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      • Kiana says:

        Th’eres nothing like the relief of finding what you’re looking for.

  6. Ellen says:

    Wonderful to read about someone eating the way we were meant to. I have been eating pastured meats and full healthful fats and drinking raw milk for about two years now. The first year I have to admit I was skeptical but after seeing my cholesterol and triglycerides continue to fall, that is the only testimony I need.

    I rather doubt I will continue to get blood work done in the future. My physical and emotional health is the only indicator I will continue to use.

  7. joe wisniewski says:

    @ richie my name is joe i am a chad “protege” so let me just give u a quick back story about 4-5 months ago i gave chad a call and wanted to join his gym on that day i tipped the scales at 276 lbs a former athlete and a shell of my former self it was time for change. I went through one workout which chad provided one on one instruction free of charge. I was hooked on the work out but really didint change my diet much about 2 weeks into it chad decided to address how i was eating and explained the primal diet luckily i was open to it because i love meat and dont want to count calories. so i gave it a shot and never looked back! well i cant give u a number now because honestly i have no idea but the last time i was on a scale was about a month and a half ago and i was 230 lbs thats 46 lbs lost in what say 3/1/2 months? and there is no secret simply i eat as much as i can when im hungry. I have no clue what percentages are i have no clue how many calories i take in sometimes i eat once a day sometimes i dont eat at all and on days like today with heavy lifting i cant stop eating! so as to the reason i chose to respond to you i notice u asked about blood work etc about 2 weeks ago i was having severe stomach pain and literally thought the same thing ” i look great feel great pefrorm great but did i fck myself up? ” so i went to the emergency room stony brook to be exact and had a full work up catscan mri contrast blood work etc and if i knew how id post a copy of my lab reports everything was perfectly normal and healthier than most (if i knew how id attach the picture of my lab results)so of course they couldnt figure out the problem so i went to the ghastro dr and was diagnosed with an ulcer caused by a bacteria of course they prescribed pills etc to get rid of it i have filled the prescription but will not take the pills i will let my body take care of it and i believe it already has after all i was doing clean & jerks all day today at the gym. well they say oh saturated fat gives you high blood pressure blah blah blah blah well heres some numbers only because i was recently checked my bp was 113/70 with a resting heart rate of 49. the dr asked me if i was an athlete not gonna lie felt pretty awesome! so in conclusion ill say give it a shot for your self you wont go back and secondly channel an old coach who used to yell KISS to me all practice long keep it simple stupid! so i eat when im hungy and i eat till im full sometimes its once a day sometimes its 10 times a day i eat alot of meat alot of sweet potatoes and alot of kale lol mushrooms all good too the only thing i do pay attention to is i like to be atleast 10 hrs fasted prior to a work out only because my journey i believe is beyond weight loss now all i care about is performance to compete. so good luck and trust me go in and talk to chad hes like gravity

  8. Tonya says:

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  9. Vladimir says:

    Hi Chad,

    Have you done any recent bloodwork?

    I am wondering what your indicators might be after this kind of diet.


  10. Guilherme says:

    Hello Chade,

    How long do u take to eat your meal including, proteins, carbs and fat as u mentioned?

    I’m planning to do that,but I think it ‘ll take a long time to finish? What about the stomach size to hold all these foods together?



  11. Guilherme says:

    Ops, sorry. CHAD!

  12. Caroline says:

    That’s not just logic. That’s really seilebsn.

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  14. ELias says:

    I am totally agree with you, saturated fat has its own benefits esp. when you are doing intense workout and you are sweating, lipids are quite crucial for sweat, testosterone and pump!

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