Paleo is Easy

Paleo is Easy

Paleo is Easy. The moment you think otherwise you have forfeited your opportunity to live a healthy life. Malnutrition is the catalyst of obesity, cancer, alzheimer’s, diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease, so ending one’s life in an excruciatingly painful and tragic manner is a CONCIOUS decision made by many. I refuse to allow ignorance and confusion to be the cause of unnecessary torturous existence. I will put you in the correct head space to eat Paleo. The time to make the transition is now. Your life depends on it.

If sugar and grains are detrimental to our health why do our bodies actively defy our best interests by making consumption of these products so highly desirable? The answer is that our bodies are not designed to exist in a world where these energy dense food products are so readily available. Our bodies were evolutionarily constructed over millions of years where the only available source of concentrated sugar would have been heavily protected bee hives. The sporadic distribution of grass seeds (grains) indigestible in their unprocessed form signifies another current food product previously absent from the human diet. In the modern day world, forever abundant of donuts and oatmeal, our bodies only recognize these items as energy dense food sources. We simply have not had the evolutionary time or opportunity to develop either metabolic systems congruent with these foods or the psychological rewiring to repulse them.

Now that you understand your taste buds won’t inform you on the correct foods to eat, how do you know what to eat? We need only to replicate the diets of our nomadic ancestors. We are able to do this by eating Grass Fed animal products, wild ocean fish, vegetables, and fruit/nuts sparingly.

Typically around this point in explaining how to eat Paleo the excuses start pouring in. The two most common are “I’d eat Paleo if I could afford it,” and “I’d love to eat Paleo but there is no way I could give up pizza or ice cream.” The first step is to put a value on the quality of your life.The second is to realize that eating Paleo strategically will probably cost less than what is currently allotted for your food budget.  As a prime example I will break down the food cost of my average day as someone who consumes nearly 3 times the amount of calories of a typical person.

4-5 pounds Grass Fed meat – $22.50 (Purchased and divided a whole cow at $5/lb)
1 pound of vegetables- $2.00

Also take into consideration the other costs associated with nutrition. The fact that I haven’t had as much as a runny nose over the past 6 years means I haven’t paid anything for medicine or medical visits.

Not eating Paleo because there is a particular food you do not want to give up is a horrendously embarrassing display of will power and self-control. If stabbing yourself in the chest felt good would you do it? Why eat a particular way knowing that as a result you are eliminating the ability of your body to function properly? Exerting the discipline necessary to eat Paleo is an indication that there is more to you as a person than your bodily urges. I never consider deviating from my healthy diet or struggle with the temptation to consume Neolithic foods because for me Paleo is Easy.

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  1. Joe Wisniewski says:

    It’s so funny because I am about a month in to training at grass fed and eating paleo and my life is forever changed while the workouts are some time complex the diet part is easy I now find myself educating people who see me eat and I get some questions and people think by my response I’m being a d@@ck or being faciois when that’s not the case it really is that simple for example I’m often asked when do you eat ? I say when I’m hungry then they look at me as if I’m an ass but in reality that’s the truth then I get well how much do u eat ? I say as much as it takes to fill me up I then get the same look I guess I understand where they’re coming from somewhat. they know me and see me often so they see me loosing weight getting vascular and then see me eat a giant steak with a sweet potato and butter!!!! In there mind something doesent add up but truth is I don’t count calories I have no idea how much fat/protein/carbs I had today none whatsoever I know sometimes I want 3 lbs of steak as no sweet potatoes and sometimes I want 2 sweet potatoes with hardly any meet am I the weird one? Or are they weird for determining they’re nutritional needs with a calculator? I don’t know but well see who’s “diet” lasts

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