My first word was “Juice”

My first word was “Juice”

As a passionate primal nutritionist it is ironic to think that with my very first spoken word I was demanding to ingest the prime catalyst for developing Type 2 Diabetes. My entire life, starting with prenatal existence, has been a one-sided battle with neolithic food agents. Prior to my paleolithic revelation I was oblivious to who my enemy was or why they were attacking. I was only aware of the resulting damage which nearly took my life.

My developmental deformities became apparent at a young age and progressed as I grew older. I was embarrassed to be wetting the bed past the age of 10. The crookedness of my teeth required braces for 7 years which still wasn’t able to fix the problem. My face, chest, and back became a spawning pool for acne. My rib cage developed in an abnormal position.  I was diagnosed with significant pulmonary insufficiency and required regular monitoring from a cardiologist. I suffered severe pain in both knees and was not able to keep my legs bent for more than 20 minutes. After multiple shoulder dislocations I could not lift either arm above my head.

Nature is unforgiving. Less than 1/4 of all living organisms survive past infancy. All genetic imperfections are weeded out of existence over millions of years in this unforgiving environment. Genes which exhibited my deformities in our hostile evolutionary past would not survive to replicate through thousands of generations. Therefore my deformities are not an expression of my inherent genetic code but rather it’s ability to function under evolutionary pressures of new neolithic stimulus. I came to learn that my difficulties with existence were a manifestation of parasitic influences which I blindly introduced into my body through means of what I was eating. I learned just in time too.

During my freshman year of college I became suicidal. Nothing was really that wrong in my life. I was attending a good school. I received good grades. I had an excellent social circle and despite my physical ailments I was a member of the track team. Still I could not avoid excruciatingly painful bouts of depression. To me the pain was not worth living for. If feelings are the response of chemical reactions in the brain I hypothesized that I must have had a chemical imbalance within my brain.

At the time I was researching the social dynamics of human interaction from an evolutionary perspective. In it’s flawless application to understanding why humans act the way they do I realized that every aspect of the human condition is a necessary derivative of a successful trait which prevailed through thousands of years of evolutionary pressure.

The human body is perfectly designed to digest foods which have been consumed for hundreds of thousands of years. Our bodies are not designed to digest neolithic foods sources which have only been available for less than 10,000 years. In the standard course of life, those who ate these new toxic foods would become sick, die, and not spread their genes to future generations. Those who avoided the toxic foods or those who had genetic mutations to tolerate the toxic foods would survive and their genes would flourish. The two major differences in our modern day scenario are civilization and medicine. Those who become sick do not have to exert themselves through the arduous conditions of our nomadic ancestors and are kept alive through medicine. They survive, replicate, and continue to spread their genes for the desire and intolerance to neolithic food sources.

Our individual bodily response to neolithic foods is unpredictable. Mine is pretty bad compared to most people. My suicidal thoughts and physical deformities were the result of a faulty fuel source which my body could not tolerate. Since embracing a metabolically paleolithic diet my life has completely changed. I no longer suffer injuries or malfunctions. I haven’t been sick, as much as a runny nose, in the past six years. I am constantly elated with incredible amounts of energy. I don’t even remember what it feels like to be depressed.

I feel sorry for those who have the privilege of deciding that “just one piece of pizza will be okay to eat”. Those people will continue to live in mediocre health until the day when their organs are no longer able to process the toxins and they die a slow painful death of degenerative cancer.  I am fortunate for my intolerance to neolithic foods. I do not have the privilege of eating “just one piece of pizza” because the immediate onset of physical ineptness and suicidal thoughts is not an option. I share my journey in hopes of reaching those, who like an uneducated me, are unknowingly seeking death since birth.


15 Responses to My first word was “Juice”

  1. jimmy says:

    amen brother.

  2. Brit says:

    Chad, I think it’s great that you shared this very personal story with us. Your passion for a better life and to share your knowledge with others is inspiring!

  3. Joe Wisniewski says:

    I will follow u to battle past the gates of hell my friend .. Thank you

  4. Lorenzo says:

    Wow, truly empowering.

  5. Atanas Valev says:

    Inspiring indeed. Paleo diet completely took care of my severe anxiety in 4-6 months.

  6. Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It truly useful &
    it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and help others like you helped me.

    • Cathy says:

      Aptiiceapron for this information is over 9000-thank you!

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    • I'm so happy you found your dog! :-)That dresser is so sweet! I'm usually not a huge fan of painted hardware but girl you made this work! Love it. I will be linking up later.

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