Long Island CrossFit Training Programs


If you have never experienced a CrossFit workout now is the time to do so. The class is conducted in a small group setting with personalized attention from the trainer. We begin with a warm up and technique development session prior to the workout. The workout involves high intensity functional movements utilizing barbells, kettlebells, rowers, jump ropes, medicine balls, climbing ropes, calisthenics, and gymnastics. CrossFit is appropriate for every level of athleticism. We are able to scale the workouts and fit them for each individual while still preserving the movement patterns and desired outcome of each exercise. Come in and try a free class to learn why Medford is becoming the fittest city on Long Island.

 Kids CrossFit

We also offer a program for Kids! We train kids at two separate age groups from 4-7 and 8-12. CrossFit Kids emphasizes good movement throughout childhood and adolescence. Consistently good mechanics translates to physical literacy, enhanced sports performance and fewer sports injuries for kids. Not only that, a vast body of research indicates that exercise is beneficial to cognitive function, which means consistent adherence to the program can have a positive impact on children’s academic achievement.


GrassFed CrossFit is the authority for Strongman on Long Island. It’s similar to CrossFit but with different implements (tires, logs, kegs, stones) and shorter workouts. CrossFit provides the best development and measure of fitness whereas Strongman does the same for strength. The second strongest featherweight (under 120 lbs) female in the country trains at our facility.

Nutrition Consultation

We put a large emphasis on nutrition, hence the name “GrassFed CrossFit”. All of our advice on nutrition and dieting is absolutely free for members. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions. We will provide the dietary information necessary for achieving all your fitness goals and achieving a miraculous beach body.