July 2016

Chris & Lisa Horton

Utter Horton Destructions

           Utter Horton Destruction

1. What got you into CrossFit?
-Chris and I started feeling really bored and lazy. All we did was sit around
and watch tv. We both were just gaining more and more weight. I think what
really did it for Chris is when our daughter told him that he had a Santa
Clause belly. And for me I always wanted to do something with a trainer to
push me into working out so crossfit seemed like the perfect solution.

2. What is/are the biggest changes you’ve noticed?
-My biggest changes is definetly in the weights. Im still very weak and could
really improve some more. But I think from starting out with a 93 lb deadlift
to now being able to do a 193 lb deadlift is a huge improvement. Chris sees a
big change in his strength and endurance.

3. What do you enjoy most about CrossFit?
-We both enjoy waking up and heading to crossfit to start the day. Chris enjoys
finally seeing gains in his performances. I enjoy being able to rx some

4. What do you find the biggest challenge to be?

My biggest challenge is asquat snatch. I really need to get over the fear of fallen backwards. Chris’s
biggest challenge is high box jumps.

5. What would you say is your favorite movement and why?

Chris’s favorite movement is a clean. My favorite movement is a snatch. We both have no reason

6. What would you say to someone who was hesitant to try CrossFit?
At least once a week we try to talk friends and family into joining. They
always have every excuse in the book. I think we are a perfect example for
people who are scared to go. We had no exercise background. We were not in
shape at all. Crossfit is not just for the young athletes. Your not gonna get
hurt like everyone thinks. As long as you work at your own pace you will be
able to do it. And if you cant finish so what- no one is judging you. At least
you tried your hardest.

7. What challenges lie ahead that you’re most excited about?
I will be happy to one day be able to do a pull up and a 200 lb. deadlift.
Chris is looking forward to doing a muscle up, 400 lb. deadlift and a 300 lb.
back squat.

8. What’s your ideal workout?

I definitely prefer a cardio workout with
lightweights. Chris likes every workout that is prescribed.

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