CrossFit Trainers Of Long Island

Head Medford Certified CrossFit Trainer Candice Seymour

CrossFit Trainer Candice

CrossFit Trainer Candice

Candice has always been involved in athletics, including soccer, softball, and track and field. She excelled in bowling, where she competed internationally in tournaments throughout Australia and New Zealand. Upon graduating high school Candice joined the US ARMY.

After returning home, she was bored and had fallen out of shape. She heard about a new Crossfit gym that was opening up and decided to check it out. She was hooked after one WOD and began calling Grassfed her second home. Candice is not just a lifting machine, but a cooking machine and yoga enthusiast. When she is not at Grassfed she can be found reading, traveling, watching “The Walking Dead” and working on her fitness endeavor LiftHeavyStretchDeep with her swolemate Ashlie.

  •  CrossFit L1 Trainer
  •  Basic Olympic Lifting Certification
  •  CrossFit Mobility Trainer
  •  CrossFit Stongman Trainer
  •  CrossFit Kids Trainer


Certified CrossFit Trainer Cro Magnum

CrossFit Trainer performs Turkish GetUp

CrossFit Trainer Cro Magnum

Revered as one of the top primal nutrition practitioners, Cro thrives in training individuals to a previously unattainable level of fitness. His journey began after graduating from the College of William & Mary when he moved to Texas to learn human health from the ground up. He has since worked as a rancher, butcher, nutrition consultant, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer. His vastly popular blog “Grass Fed Guru” has educated thousands on the importance of paleo based nutrition.

Cro’s passion for health extends further into athletics. He has trained as a Division I Track & Field Decathlete, Strongman Competitor, Power Lifter, Weight Lifter, and Ultimate Frisbee Player. Through mastering various capacities of the athletic spectrum he has the experience to lead each and every client to their specific fitness goals. Cro is adamant to the fact that no task or request falls outside of his parameters. Check out our Crossfit gym of Long Island and for more info on membership contact us.

  • CrossFit Level 2 Certified
  • USAW Sports Performance Coach
  • CrossFit Strongman Trainer
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Ashlie Kosinski

Yoga Instructor Ashlie

Yoga Instructor Ashlie

Growing up Ashlie was a competitive figure skater, reaching USFSA level Junior Moves in the Field and USFSA level Free Intermediate. While in high school she took her first yoga class at the local gym and it piqued her curiosity. It wasn’t until 2012, nearly six years later after that first class, that her interest in yoga moved from yoga for fitness to yoga as a mind and body experience.

Currently, she is in her 200 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training, deepening her knowledge of the traditional practice of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. When not on her yoga mat, she is an avid Crossfitter here at Grassfed, and can be found hanging with the 5am crew Monday thru Friday. This unique experience of both yoga and crossfit, allows Ashlie to tailor a yoga flow to include both the traditional aspects of yoga and to incorporate poses that will help crossfitters with their training.

When she isn’t practicing yoga or training at Grassfed, Ashlie likes to indulge with Real Housewives marathons, participating in other athletic endeavors with her swolemate Candice such as Spartan races and hiking, inverting herself for Instagram pictures and contributing to Lift Heavy Stretch Deep, the yoga and crossfit blog she co-runs with Candice. Fitness is a way of life for this crossfit yogi and she is excited to share her passion of all things yoga with the Grassfed Crossfit family.