A letter from Bingo Bango

Dear Members,

As you have experienced our classes are different. Maybe you have tried CrossFit before, maybe not. Maybe your a new member just beginning your journey, a lot of you have been with us from the beginning. In all honesty there’s only one thing to say about our workouts, they are HARD. And not just because you do a lot of reps or take an hour to complete a workout. Chad and I purposely design our workouts to break you down. EVERY DAY. Not just physically but mentally. Force you to ask yourself, What are you made of? How bad do you want changes in your life?

There is no other gym that will challenge you as we do. Most have the perspective to make you succeed at every workout so you feel good about completing and you’ll look to them for confidence. Make the workouts simple and you’ll leave wanting more. Our focus is to make you want to quit. Put you on the edge mentally and physically so you can learn your weaknesses and challenge you to force self improvement. How far will you push after that voice tells you to stop? You won’t look to Chad and I to pick you up, you’ll look within yourself because it’s there that together we have created a machine. Developed ambition and confidence. Began a journey that most of our friends and families will never understand. And at GrassFed CrossFit you can bet your ass you’ll achieve every bit of success you put your mind to.

We want you to never forget the work you put in, because it will make your achievements more memorable. This road was never going to be easy. The day you stepped into GrassFed CrossFit you had no idea what to expect and still after 6 months you’ll continue to feel the same way. And as our community grows, please introduce yourselves to each other. Please allow all our new members to feel comfortable with these torturous workouts as you’ve learned to swallow hard and push on. Show them how to check their excuses and butterflies at the door, because in here it’s all uphill…. EVERY SINGLE STEP. And when that day comes that you feel a plateau, we’ll be sure to have a few tricks up our sleeve to revive the painful feel of a good workout just like you’ve come to love so much. Tell your stories of weight loss and muscle gain. Share how much confidence you’ve gained and how your lives have improved. You tell Chad and I everyday how unbelievably thankful you are for our guidance but we want everyone to know were all on the same path. Even Chad and I sit and talk about what our next goal is. It’s all about improvement and focus. Staying positive and inner growth. Making a better future for ourselves and our families by pushing for a healthier lifestyle.

As we hit 500 likes in 4 months here on Facebook and our community at GrassFed pushes near 200 I want to thank all of you for everything you’ve given us. It’s our pleasure to be here for all of you. Better yet it’s our honor. We’re blessed to have an opportunity to do what we love and be able to help others. So again thank all of you, and if there is anything we can do to improve your experience please confide in us, because your experience and growth is now our responsibility. Bingo Bango 🙂

Mark Iorio

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  1. Jeffrey Williams says:

    Hi I am 59 yr young am i to old to try out this program,and if not do you have late afternoon sessions ……Thank You Jeff..

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