Race to Olympus/ Escape from Cerberus, Monday 070113

Race to Olympus

In 13 minutes:

20 Ground to Overhead 45#/25#
10 Box Jumps

*Box Jumps increase in height every round (20/24″, 22/27″, 24/30″, 26/33″, 28/36″, 30/39″….)

-Rest exactly 13 minutes then…

Escape from Cerberus

In 13 minutes:

15 Back Jerks
30 Second Front Squat Bottom Hold

* Weight for both movements increases every round (75/53#, 105/73#, 135/93#, 165/113#, 195/133#…)
* You must stand up out of the Front Squat for the movement to count


8 Responses to Race to Olympus/ Escape from Cerberus, Monday 070113

  1. Joe Wisniewski says:

    5+21rx and 4 rx

  2. Stacey McGovern says:

    5+15rx/ 3+8

    • Lucinda says:

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    • Jättefint det du visar! Men de korta jeansen o kängorna.. hum.. det är ingen stil pÃ¥ dem, om jag fÃ¥r säga sÃ¥?? :O, Det är bara vad jag tycker ;).. Ha en bra dag! Linda

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  3. BM says:


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