Yoke Carry, “Elizabeth”, Thursday 051613

Yoke Carry

2x Body Weight 80′ Yoke Carry For Time



-Power Cleans 135/95#
-Ring Dips

5 Responses to Yoke Carry, “Elizabeth”, Thursday 051613

  1. "socko says" says:

    oh how i am so looking forward to yoke carry!! followed by one of my favorite benchmark W.O.D.’S :0)

  2. TJ papa says:

    O yea you yoke you socko

  3. Johnny 5 says:

    Sucks I’m away on business.

  4. Jeanie Riggs says:

    :30 @245#, 6:42

  5. Scott L says:

    :33@465#, 7:19rx

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